So, let's start with, what is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Anyone who uses tampons should be aware of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). About half of the

cases of TSS are related to tampons and, women who are on their period (are menstruating)

are more likely to get it. So, when it comes to the scientific explanation, Toxic shock

syndrome (TSS) is a rare but potentially life-threatening illness caused by the toxins created

by certain bacteria: Streptococcus Pyogenes and Staphylococcus Aureus. According to some

doctors, this bacterium normally lives on our skin without causing any harm. Still, when it

gets deeper into our body because of a cut or mucous membrane, it can cause some serious

infection or even death. The endotoxin produced by these bacteria affects blood vessels that

end up leaking out fluids in our body.


Due to highly absorbent tampons, these bacteria might enter the vagina and later enter the uterus. These bacteria may also grow on tampons if they are not changed often. Tampons

also cause some small cuts in the vagina through which these bacteria might enter your

bloodstream. Many grounds of this illness are still not understood.

What are the symptoms of this illness?

Symptoms of TSS tend to be sudden. These symptoms may vary from one person to another

and also from the type of bacteria which caused it.

The symptoms include:

• Peeling or rashes (These rashes are often confused with sunburns)

• Low blood pressure.

• Seizures.

• A sudden high fever.

• Feeling dizzy and weak.

• Extreme body pains.

• Fast breathing.

• Mental confusion.

• Nausea, or vomiting


If you seem to have these sudden symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Maybe doing this could save your life.

How can toxic shock syndrome (TSS) be prevented?

• Avoid using tampons when you are not menstruating.

• If you are using tampons during menstrual periods, please make sure that you change them

every four to eight hours. If the flow is heavy, change them more often.

• Make sure that you wash your hands before using a tampon; unwashed hands are likely to

carry the bacteria.

• Avoid using super-absorbent tampons.

• Be gentle when inserting and removing tampons.

• If any woman had TSS in the past, she should talk to her doctor before resuming tampon use. If not careful, cured patients are also likely to get TSS back.

What worst could happen?

In many cases, people have lost their lives. Since these bacteria colonize and grow very fast,

affecting your lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver. In some cases, it has also caused several skins-

related problems. There's no doubt in the fact that this illness can be deadly. If TSS is left

uncured, it can be fatal.

Can Toxic Shock syndrome be treated?

Yes, this illness is curable. Unfortunately, TSS cannot be treated at home. Intense hospital

care is a must. However, with the help of heavy antibiotics and necessary medicines, which

will kill and stop the further spread of the bacteria, it can get cured. Some severe

complications of TSS, like shock, can also be treated with certain medicines and medical


Is Toxic Shock Syndrome caused only because of Tampons and only to women?

TSS can happen to anyone, including men, children, and also Postmenopausal women. Only

about 50% of TSS are tampon-related. TSS can also develop as a complication after a certain

surgical incision or even after childbirth, induced or spontaneous abortions. Also, in many

cases, people having chickenpox or even flu can get affected by TSS. Usage of menstrual

cups, contraceptive sponges, or diaphragms can also cause TSS.


A word from Those Archaic Flaws.

If you use tampons, menstrual cups, or contraceptive diaphragms, it's essential to use them

correctly. You should also understand the risk factor if one misuses these products; despite

the statistics of getting TSS is very spotty, it might occur. Keeping up with the quote, "Prevention is better than cure," one should take all the care and follow the preventive

measures to avoid getting TSS. And if you have any questions regarding the usage of tampons

and other menstrual supplies and contraceptives, you should contact your doctor.

Questions to be asked

In spite of this disease being so serious and deadly, why aren't people talking about it? Why

do most women (who are more prone to this illness) have no idea regarding this? Why isn't

enough awareness being spread about this topic? We are sure that most readers weren't

aware of TSS before reading this article. Neglecting such important issues is very wrong,

which can even lead to death if people remain unaware of the whole illness, and this clearly

shows us how the system is biased in showcasing women's problems. Many scientific reasons

are still not understood for Toxic Shock Syndrome; why are researchers not considering this

issue a prime concern and not finding solutions or facts related to it? Why are such issues

given less priority?

This has to be changed. What can we do? We can make people aware. Spreading such

articles to people will help them gain knowledge and also help them to take proper preventive

measures so that they won’t get this illness.

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