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Meet The Founders.

Riya Shaharkar.


Hey! I am16 and am currently preparing for the A-levels. I go by the motto of "Change is an inevitable phenomenon" and is just a way to improve yourself. Being forthright and curious is a major part of my personality along with the love for science and writing. I believe this page will be a platform for the coalesce of the things I stand by. In the end, I just hope this platform can help us all express ourselves while also gaining perspectives.



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Isabel Williams.


Hi, I'm a highschool junior who believes in the importance of being vocal about my thoughts. I love to read, write and engage with an audience, all of which this page will give me an opportunity to do. I plan to study and someday, work in the justice system. Hopefully, this website can be a platform where people can share there opinions without fear of being misunderstood for wanting change.


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We have been classmates and friends since 2017 and instantly connected upon our shared belief for global equity, justice and the need of the environment. It wasn't until lockdown hit did we actually decide to come up with something that could actually make contributions in these topics.

We hope you enjoy this page as much as us!


Meet The Core Team


Shreya Mukherjee

 Hello everyone! I am Shreya. I am planning to study further and I recently completed my Master's in English and Cultural Studies. When I was a child, I always dreamt of a world that was not plagued by pain and suffering. The reality was very hard to deal with, so I chose to lose myself in books and fictional worlds where the good always triumphed over the bad. I always thought that one lone voice in a crowd is not loud enough, but here I am, surrounded by people who speak the same language as I do.


Anupama Chadha

Hey, reader! My love for the language has driven me to read hefty books and write of the castles I build in the air. To please myself I am pursuing my Master's in English Literature, to please the world I hold a degree in Commerce. A wise man once said, "There's no justice in this world, not unless we make it," and I refuse to be a bystander as the world falls apart. So, I bring to you the truth and will keep penning it until a change can be brought about in our minds, in our world.

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